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Jonathan E. Adams

President, Outsourced IT Service

About Me

Jonathan E. Adams is well-established in Easton, Massachusetts, and the New England region as a business and civic leader. In addition to starting an outsourced IT services business with 1997, Adams is still involved in his neighborhood’s schools and youngsters. Adams contributes in a variety of ways to support several philanthropic causes and events, sometimes in conjunction with his wife Coni. Wizard Computer Services, Inc.’s president and owner is Adams. The business offers managed services, installation, maintenance, and consulting for IT systems across the broader New England region. A variety of business customers’ demands are met by skilled workers.

Jonathan E. Adams has a wealth of business connections and endorsements in both the real estate and IT industries. He leads a number of businesses, providing him extensive business knowledge in a variety of fields. Adams’s professional highlights include Wizard Computer Services, Inc. celebrating 25 years in operation. Over 700 business customers have been happy with the organization throughout this time. Adams oversaw the company’s expansion from one person to its present staff of more than 20. Adams’ contributions to philanthropic and communal initiatives have also had notable results.

Adams, a husband and father of four, contributes much to his community and is often active in volunteer work for nonprofits. Adams works for groups including Team Intestinal Fortitude, for which he was named Man of the Year in 2014. He also volunteers for several educational roles, often in association with his kids. His interests tend to be in sports, and he has held roles for school football, baseball, and golf teams at various points and in different capacities. Highlights of his endeavors include his tenure as the 4th grade Easton Tigers’ Super Bowl winning team’s coach. In addition to his other hobbies, Adams spends his free time playing golf and weightlifting.